No Pain, No Gain! - An Exclusive Interview with Rapper Mark Pain Wilson

Producer/Artist/Writer Mark (Pain) Wilson - photo used with permissionI first met Mark Pain on Tsu, the only social media site that values content, captures the moments of life, a site where you own what you post - to mention just a few of the leading aspects of this social networking that is so much different than Facebook. Mark Pain Wilson (photo on the right of this article, used by his permission) is a producer, artist and a musician. I heard one of his favorite songs on SoundCloud, "Step Up" (you should check it out!) and that song got my attention!

I wrote Mark and asked him if he wants to do a guest blog post, or an interview for my readers and he agreed! The following is an exclusive interview with Mark Pain and will probably be translated to Romanian for my non-English readers soon.

Interviewer (me): Mark, tell us about your beginnings. Where were you raised as a child, who or what motivated you to be what you are today?

Mark Pain Wilson: I was born in the Bronx, New York City where I attended school and was raised by my grandmother. Music was always a big part or my household especially the Jackson 5 and watching Soul Train. I believe that watching other people dance and perform on TV was fun and exciting so it always sparked my curiosity to do the same thing.

I: That is very interesting thing, Mark! So music does something in people! Did you have a time in your life when you doubted about your talents, your dreams, your plans?

MPW: I never doubted myself but as every producer and artist perusing a music career I was always critical on myself and my music. I always felt like someone else should hear my music before I released it. I never knew where my music would go in the beginning, but I knew I was good at what I did so eventually I would end up being signed to a major record label or working with a big artist.

I: Now, Mark, I think you will agree that I should let the readers listen to one of your songs so they'll know what you just said is what you really meant. Bellow is the song Step Up from Mark's SoundCloug channel.

I think this song really says a lot about your life experience and how you really want to be stepping up to something great, leaving the selfishness behind and the past that probably dragged you down, like I said in my question to you, if you had moments in your life that you doubted or felt uncomfortable about your talent. Let's talk about your family now. Where were you born? Who is your favorite member of your family?

MPW: All of my family is based in New York City where I was born. I have one sister and several neices and nephews. My favorite family member is my aunt who assisted my grandma in raising me since I was a kid.

I: Hey, that reminds me of the Twin Towers that I never go to see. I cannot imagine how you grew up in that huge city, but I'd say you must be proud you had someone special that you loved and formed your character as a young boy. Let's "step up" a little further now, OK? Speaking about your songs now, I want to ask you a question that is going to tell the readers about where is the source of your inspiration. Where was the first place you recorded your first song? Who wrote it? Do you also do the playback or you work with other musicians?

MPW: My first place where I started recording my first official song was in New Jersey, and the song was called I'm Living Like A King. That time frame was based of positive energy and creating songs that made change in peoples lives as being a positive role model. I wrote the whole song myself but did not create the music. That would be the first time that I was introduced to producing music and learning what studio equipment was.

I: Wow, that reminds me of the moment I wrote my first poem, then the rest, and I never thought about going any further with them, till I decided one day to finally take them piece by piece and put them all together in a book. Anyway, it's an interesting thing to know and see that culture and the time frame you lived in back then really made a mark on you. Did I say "a mark"? Ha, that's funny, it's all in your name now, I just realized it! Let's move on now to present. We have a saying here, "put your leg on the ground, don't stay with the eyes in the clouds" he he he he. What do you think about the current events unfolding under our eyes? How do you see… the end of this world? Do you believe there is a God that we will all one day stand before Him to give account of our lives?

MPW: There are many things going on that I believe are seriously iniquitous and blasphemous and without question; I believe that there is a God who watches us and sees everything that we do. I believe that the world will end when people stop loving and caring for each other. The evil will be so overcoming that eventually it will end. I believe that God will judge us and show us what he promised us due to our actions. I'm hoping I'm one that makes it to heaven.

I: Amen, brother! That is so true and so well said! We take things for granted many times and we forget about the final day, the day when we'll stand before the One that created us and will give account for our actions, deeds, words, and lifestyle. Speaking of lifestyle now, since we all are so caught up with the latest and the brightest technology that is changing so fast and we can't keep up with it all the time, since we talk about you and about your music, what is your favorite song and/or your favorite artist(s)? Do you have some that you can mention to our readers now?

MPW: Yes, Notorious B.I.G was one of my all time favorite artist, he was creative and he knew how to touch people with his words. I believe that his purpose was to show the world that it wasn't what you looked like but how talented you were. Biggy definitely broke the ice when it came to looks and talent. Hynotize by Notorious B.I.G was and still is my favorite song ever.

I: Yes, I listened to some of Notorious' songs, he seems to talk about the real life and how to stay and be responsible for your own and help a brother in need. Maybe not everybody understands his music or his style, we all need to appreciate the person for what he is and what he's done for those around him, right? By the way, Mark, here's a quick question that just popped in my mind right now... if you were to win at lottery, what would you do with the money?

MPW: The world needs an advocate who would help those who are medically needy, homeless and hungry. They need someone who is not selfish and cares about them and there needs. Winning the lotto would enable me to help others who are really in dire need, who need help getting on their feet, those who need help with medical aid, and research for diseases that are mysterious to us that need a cure and solution. I believe that we all benefit from helping those who are truly in need and are less fortunate.

I: Totally! I definitely agree with you, man! The people around us are in need of our love, our help and our support. Here we are at a big topic that we might want to leave for another time, maybe on another blog post. I want to say to the readers something that is really actual now; we are listening to all kinds of radio stations and not all of them tell the listeners a "behind the scenes" story of a particular song. Since we are somehow deprived of this, I'm going to be direct now and ask you for it! What is one of your own songs that you would like to share the story behind it with our readers?

MPW: I'm thinking about the song Feel My Pain – The song was written in a time that I was going through extreme hardships with myself and in life period. Making the music I felt the need to write about my pain I was going through. Lots of things were not going right and it led me to sit one day and think about what I was going through. Listening to the music all the words just came directly to me and being that my name is Pain I saw the title in clear view, Here I am going through all of these hardships so why not write a song to tell others how to feel my pain.

Thank you, Mark, for being so kind to offer your time to answer some questions that speak so much about who you are as an artist. For those interested in listening to Mark Pain's songs, he has a SoundCloud channel that you can check, he can be followed on Facebook, and also a YouTube Channel where he is releasing songs, announcements and great videos for his fans.

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