Maximized by minimized people

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A couple of years ago I was in a meeting where some leaders from a church met with a superintendent of the organization they were part of and they were trying to figure out why their church is not working. Or at least that’s what I figured out there.

In that period of time I was working on Ed Cole’s best-selling book, Maximized Manhood – which I would recommend to anyone reading this article – and from that book came the idea of the man – as a person, not as an ego – being maximized in all aspects of life. It seemed as if the meeting I was part of was a piece broken from this book.

A woman was leading her husband, which was also the pastor of the problem church mentioned above. Strangely enough for all present there, the man that was the pastor had no guts to express the issue present in his church. His wife was like an advocate for him. I listened for awhile and then I revolted inside me. I don’t remember what the problem of the church was, but the source of the problem was right there. A man robbed by his own wife of the role he had received from God Himself. I am saying these because I assume he was in that position because of the call of God on his life. He was not the pastor of the church; he was the servant of his wife that was leading the church by stealing his role.

Have you ever seen this role stealing thing anywhere else? I guess you won’t find an example like the one I had seen with my own eyes.

There is in the Bible a woman that did just that to her husband and her name is… Jezebel (you can read about her in 1 and 2 Kings). She stole the role of Ahab, the king of Israel at that time (Ahab was her husband) and did many ungodly things. In Revelation we also find another Jezebel that is a prophetess who was leading the people of God into sexual immorality, idolatry and other unspoken deeds. What I would call this woman is a minimized person. She is trying to help her husband in his own way of taking responsibility over the things given to him… and instead of helping him grow and become mature… he is minimized, ridiculed and is sitting under the heel of her (so to speak).

Weird as it may seem, I don’t have anything with women at all. As long as they do their role and don’t steal someone else’s role… they are good to go. When they interfere in other people’s lives they not only rob them of their role, but also bring shame upon them.

I don’t know what we can do about this. If you reject a “minimized person” that is trying to “maximize you” they will turn to you and regard you as a fool. When you do your part, and don’t let others do yours, that’s when you assume your responsibility role and you become a maximized person. What you ought to be and what you were created for. You fulfill the purpose of the life God had given you.

Some people like to do God’s part in many areas. They call themselves the men of God and do things that God wouldn’t do. If God were to do their part, I don’t know which one of them would still be alive today. We meet people that believe that the church is theirs because they are the pastors of that church. Suddenly you become so used to the services of the church – and they don’t know it – that you start to feel that the church becomes a club and not a place of worship. This is what happens in many of our churches. We become familiar with “the old stuff”, and what used to be a “great thing” once now becomes a “great tradition” for many. Some like it – because it creates a safety zone. It’s like doing the familiar thing over and over again, feeling that you do the right thing. In fact, this leads us to destruction.

How many times had we considered that our ways are God’s ways and vice versa? Walking in God’s way and in the right position will someday get us to the destination we hope for – a fulfilled life that was lived for God. But when we walk our way, thinking it’s God’s way, and interfering in other people’s positions, thinking it’s to help them, then we become roadblocks and “minimized” people. How would you feel if you were the pastor of the church I spoke of at the beginning of this article and someone would take your role and start doing things their way? Would you slap them? Or would you allow them to continue in helping you become demoralized and a wreck? Would you have the guts to open your eyes wide and big in order to see what is really happening there?

When you trust anybody else but God to control your life, you are accursed. When you trust God and lean not on your own understanding, HE will direct your path (Proverbs 3:4-5). God directs our path so we would walk in His light and His holiness. We become maximized by The One that makes all things perfect. I would trust that Person to interfere in my ways, rather than anybody else. At least I know He is doing this to correct me and to chisel my life.
September 29, 2009
Brasov - Romania

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