How to make your talent work for God?

This is a short article I wrote many years ago while there was no Windonws XP available in Romania, I think it was around 1995 or so. I wrote this on an old 386 computer that had an older printer - I don't think that is being produced anymore. I found the paper I printed that time and decided to post it here. I hope this will be a blessing to you as you read a short summary about dealing with your God given talent. Please consider the fact that this article was written so many years ago and it lacks some of the knowledge I have now, so it is not a comprehensive article...

As people are coming into being and then they are passing through live with all its “wrongs” and “goods”, they are experiencing life’s most important challenges: you need to learn in order to know, and the more you know the more you grow. As life comes to its end, people come to realize that “… one thing I really know, that I know nothing” is the statement that is going to take place in each of our lives.

How do you make you life’s talent work out in spite of the challenges ahead of you? Why are things around us so messed-up because of the simple idea that people don’t know WHAT their gift/talent is, or if they know it, they don’t know HOW to use it for God’s awesome glory? I believe that the problem is not with us, but with our own concepts of life; whether you know or not your life, you can make it work out for God’s own purpose: pleasing Him and His person.

1. Do you know your talent/gift? If you don’t know it then try to figure out where is the best place you fit in the Body of Christ; tell God that you want to know it and use it for a real purpose. I believe that God has his own way to show you what is the thing you are looking for: your God given gift.

2. If you know it, do you make it work for God? Some people don’t know how to make their own talent work for God, surely there must be an answer to this question. The practical way you can make your talent fork for God is to stir up this God-given gift: your local church is the best place to practice. Tell someone you trust about your gift/talent; then tell God you want it to grow by stirring up and practicing your gift. There will always be a time when you will get so much involved with your talent that pride and selfish ambitions will get into your life and mind, but you need to…

3. Test your working for God by using His Word as a guide for your life. God’s precious Word always brings light for those in darkness, and it is only the Holy Spirit that can open the eyes of our understanding in order to discover God’s unique and relevant will for our lives.

4. Do you continue in your working for God? The more you realize that your God-given gift is for serving others, the more you will want to please God by continuing/persisting to make it work for God.

You cannot give up once you are blessed by serving others and God, but even if you don’t see any results or you may not receive any blessing, please don’t give up, try to wait upon the Lord – this is the best way you can make your talent work out for God (Isa. 40:29-31)! When you wait upon the Lord and are in close fellowship with Him and with the Holy Spirit, your life will be guided by Him and your talent will produce fruit that brings glory to God.

Here are some scriptures you can use for a better understanding of the issue of gifts in the Bible:

1 Corinthians 12- 14;
Ephesians 4:1-16;
2 Timothy 1:6a;
Galatians 5:22-26;
Ephesians 6:10.

I think in a future article I will write another article with more details of the gifts from God. Please visit and leave your reply. :)

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