God's declaration of you

Before the beginning of time, I knew you.

I knew what color your eyes would be, and I could hear the sound of your laughter.

Like a proud father who carries a picture of his daughter, I carried the image of you in My eyes, for you were created in My image.

Before the beginning of time, I chose you.

I spoke your name into the heavens, and I smiled as its melody resounded off the walls of My heart.

You are Mine.

My love for you extends farther than the stars in the sky and deeper than any ocean.

You are My pearl of great price, the one for whom I gave everything.

I cradle you in the palm of My hand.

I love you even in the face of your failure.

Nothing you say or do can cause Me to stop loving you.

I am relentless in My pursuit of you.

Run from Me—I will love you.

Spurn Me—I will love you.

Reject yourself—I will love you.

You see, My love for you was slain before the foundations of the world and I have never regretted the sacrifice I made for you at Calvary.

When I see every part of who you are, I marvel at the work of My hands, for I whispered words of longing and desire and you came into existence.

You are beautiful, and I take pleasure in you—heart, mind, and body.

You are My desire.

When you turn your head in shame and despise what I have made, still I reach for you with gentle passion.

You are My beloved and I am yours.

(An adaptation by Regina Franklin from 1 John 3:2; Isaiah 43:1; Matthew 13:46; Ephesians 1:4; Revelation 13:8; Psalm 14 9:4; Song of Solomon 7:10; 6:3).

I recommend you the booklet Transformed in His Image that you can find here (pdf) by Discovery Series.

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